Our Main Missions and Commitments

Our Main Missions and Commitments

Policy Proposals

As a voice for business in Tokyo

TCCI was established based on the need to shape business opinions, and the same role still remains as one of he main missions for TCCI today. TCCI is active in voicing recommendations to the Diet, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and other government agencies, so that companies are able to maintain vitality and facilitate successful management in an era of ceaseless change. The voices of TCCI members lead to positive social changes in Tokyo and throughout Japan.

Policy Proposal

As the voice of business, we work hard to ensure that business viewpoints are represented in public and governmental spheres. We act as an opinion leader for the creation of a better Japan, dealing with matters related to business such as SMEs in general, taxation, commercial law, intellectual property, and education.

Research and Study

We investigate actual conditions that make a difference for businesses in a changing management environment. We regularly conduct surveys that reflect actual business situations, in addition to occasional surveys implemented for special purposes.

Committee Activities

TCCI has 20 standing committees and 2 Special Committees. Each committee discusses the issues it is specifically responsible for. Many of the committees work on proposals and communicate with the public and the government.