Our Main Missions and Commitments

Our Main Missions and Commitments

Community Development

Activating industries and realizing a society full of life

TCCI helps to expand the community of stakeholders comprising regional society and to create new value in the region, gathering voices and fostering cooperation.


TCCI President making a speech at a general conference of Federation of Kanto Region Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Jun. 2011)


A meeting between the Mayor of Chiyoda and TCCI Chiyoda Chapter members (Jul. 2011)


Participants learn about each others' business at a networking reception (Dec. 2010)


Chairman of 2020 Olympic Bid Committee delivering a proposal to the Tokyo Met. Government (Jul. 2011)


New Year Party, TCCI Business Women's Club (Jan. 2011)

Regional Brand Power and Community Vitalization

TCCI makes proposals for the urban development of Tokyo, such as proposals for road, port, and airport development to improve Tokyo's competitiveness in the world. We also bring our expertise to bear on the challenge of improving regional brand power. Each TCCI chapter in the 23 wards of Tokyo works for the vitalization of the regional economy.
Activities of the local chapters include providing consultation, organizing seminars and networking gatherings, making proposals, and speaking to local governments on behalf of the business community.

Business Networking

We help create new business opportunities by supporting collaboration and networking. Our numerous networking events attract large numbers of participants.

For the Betterment of Tokyo

Tourism is a large and important industry in Tokyo. The Tourism Promotion Standing Committee discusses relevant issues and makes proposals to the government. Many local chapters of TCCI actively organize tourism promotion, which includes attracting tourists from abroad.
TCCI has set up a special committee to achieve the goal of hosting the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo in cooperation with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, organizing activities to enhance the support of the citizens of Tokyo.

TCCI Business Women's Club

With more than 60 years of history, the TCCI Business Women's Club organizes meetings, seminars, and activities for the betterment of society.