title Jujo enjoying eating walks
Area Jujo
One thing When I walk from JR Saikyo-sen Jujo station for about 5 minutes on foot, there is a big shopping area which represents Jujo, and a store of the numerical food, clothing and shelter which exceed 100 big is in line. "Trying out the food at various restaurants" able to buy it by a storefront in these stores and eat right now has several stores of store which starts. The store where a college student can enjoy chosen recommendation trying out the food at various restaurants is introduced this time!
Spot name Bonnel Café
Area Jujo
Street address 2-23-10, Kamijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access Than Jujo station north entrance, 3 minutes on foot
In the Jujo Ginza shopping area arcade
From Jujo station, 208 meters
Phone +81-50-5590-3227
Business hours Lunch 11:00-14:30 (L.O.)
A cafe 15:00-19:30 (L.O.)
Takeout 11:00-20:00
Sunday business
Regular holiday Wednesday
Web site https://www.facebook.com/Bonnel-Cafe-1661741080776090/
Highlight I'd like to recommend you more because I thought chocolate from Bonnel Cafe was loved all over the world. It's chosen for the person who likes chocolate sweet in particular. You can be satisfied because even one is voluminous enough.I want a person of a picture lover to visit by all means, too, because a picture is also conspicuous.
There is a cafe as Bonne cafe at the place where I entered Jujo Ginza shopping area and walked for about 3 minutes. They seem to have assumed that it itself is snugly, and but a store is a store with some pretty atmospheres. The "hot stick chocolate" a famous one eats at this Bonne cafe while melting a chocolate stick for hot milk. It's so famous that this and a television are introduced actually. I have several kinds of powdered green tea, cinnamon and black tea for the taste, and there are also in store and takeout choice.
I tried it actually, too. When chocolate is put in for several seconds in the milk and it's tasted like a candy, raw chocolate is being served from the inside. If I say the gusto, this, already, nonesuch. The picture shine is also perfect. When he asks to the store owner, foreigner's customer seems to increase recently, too. But when I asked which chocolate to order, it was said that it was rich in the cinnamon and the milk on which the name is written in English. How about being healed by the sweetness of the milk and the chocolate once by all means?
Spot name KAMATAYA
Area Jujo
Street address 3-29-15, Kamijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access From JR Saikyo-sen Jujo station, 5 minutes on foot
From Jujo station, 281 meters
Phone +81-3-3906-2044
Business hours 6:30-17:30 (end sold out)
Sunday business
Regular holiday Monday
Web site http://www.nakadoori.net/shop21/
Highlight I think the food which has no acquaintance so much from a foreign way.
The rice-ball shop" where a yellow sign is a mark in the inside when I enter Jujo Ginza shopping area and advance a shopping area for about 3 minutes, make, but, I have that. It's said that it's always the popular store where more than 30 kinds of homemade rice-ball is to the extent a popular rice-ball lines up ZURA, and is sold out in the morning, here. But I think of some" rice-balls" as food TA where I have no acquaintances so much from a foreign way like being proper in Japan. We tried it actually, too. I say that it's popular with foreigner's customers that we ordered, "Heaven is steamed.", it seemed good personally, it was "there were five stones, becoming".
The rice-balls which enter Jujo Ginza shopping area and usually buy it by a convenience store for about 3 minutes were some dear rice-balls from which different "homemade sense" overflows. I gasp any number of, it was very good so that it was possible to eat. Such as using English transcription for the name tag by which foreigners are goods for guests at this store, it's inbound, it's said that they consider. Since would you like to enjoy an exquisite harmony of Japanese good rice and Kabata shop special tool material by all means when visiting in Jujo?
Spot name TORIDAI
Area Jujo
Street address 1-4-11, Jujonakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access From Jujo station, 7 minutes on foot
Phone +81-3-3905-1414
Business hours 10:00-20:00
Regular holiday Sunday and the regular holiday-lessness
Web site http://jujo-ginza.com/shop/%E9%B3%A5%E5%A4%A7/
Highlight A chicken ball is 10 yen for one!
I was advancing Jujo Ginza shopping area for about 5 minutes from Jujo station, and there was a store where a lot of people gather on the right side. When I was aroused by the smell of the deep fried food and came to the front in a store, there was something unique a curry bun, Mr. POTE Maru and a chicken ball as well as a grilled chicken and a food fried without coat. It's said that the trying out the food at various restaurants menus recommended to a shop assistant are a chicken ball and a tulip. Note: The food fried without coat which made a cut in wing meat of a bird with a tulip, removed two one of some bones and formed meat like a flower of a tulip.
It can be bought easily when it's said that they often also come to the foreigner, and even the person who can't speak Japanese points to goods, I think even the person who strokes and comes to Japan for the first time can use it casually! I had them make chicken ball, tulip and curry bun try out the food at various restaurants, too, I see both and chuckle to myself, oh, it was expensive and good. If I go, I eat all these three and want you to see by all means! A chicken ball benefits from 10 yen for one very much in particular.
There was welcoming mood of which you think, and if maybe such place was the secret to which foreigner's guest comes, I thought I'd like also to need more foreign ones compared with other stores for a word of Korean and Chinese to be written on a sign. It's possible to choose a dish while seeing, so I think even the condition now is reasonable, and it's possible to buy it.
Spot name Sweet drinks Daruma
Area Jujo
Street address 1-3-6, Jujonakahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Saikyo-sen Jujo station north entrance for 3 minutes on foot
Keihintohoku-sen Higashijuujou station 9 minutes on foot
Jujo Ginza shopping area
From Jujo station, 231 meters
Phone +81-3-3908-6644
Business hours 10:00-18:30(L.O.)
Sunday business
Regular holiday Tuesday
Web site http://jujo-ginza.com/shop/%E3%81%A0%E3%82%8B%E3%81%BE%E3%82%84%E9%A4%85%E8%8F%93%E5%AD%90%E5%BA%97/
Highlight The rice cake stuffed with strawberry and sweet red bean jam which took big strawberry on boldly
When I advanced towards a back way to the Jujo Ginza Jujo Ginza shopping area from Jujo station, the coffee shop where some Japanese Showa is felt was here there. It's possible to taste shaved ice in the store and when it's takeout, several kinds of dumpling can be tasted. The rice cake stuffed with strawberry and sweet red bean jam by which that it attracted my eyes took big strawberry on boldly. It's possible to choose whether it's strained beans jam or jam of grain bean.
As soon as you could enter NI, the potbellied sumo wrestler who isn't too more lenient could call the rice cake rice cake you have nothing again, and agreed with superficial strawberry. One was the volume which is to the extent a stomach just ate and was filled. I have it with a potbellied sumo wrestler and how about being satisfied with the gentleness of the strawberry?