title Nishigahara enjoyed at tourist attraction + a store
Area Komagome (Nishigahara)
One thing I have a foreigner and Japanese visit, and thinks the mutual friendship is a deepened place.
Spot name Hiratsuka shrine
Area Komagome (Nishigahara)
Street address 1-47-1, Kaminakazato, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Keihintohoku-sen Than Kaminakazato station, 2 minutes on foot
The JR Yamanote Line Than Komagome station, 12 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Than Nishigahara station, 3 minutes on foot
Phone +81-3-3910-2860
Business hours It's until 5:00pm from 9:00am.
Regular holiday The regular holiday-lessness
Web site http://hiratsuka-jinja.or.jp/index.html
Highlight The middle a Heian latter period Genei year, established history is some shrines. Minamotono Yoshiie, Gengi rope and Yoshimitsu Minamoto are deified. Shintoku, win luck Sick recovery Sports improvement.
Many trees are in the site at a shrine at the entrance facing the main street, and it's quiet and is a shrine with a quiet atmosphere.
The shrine which was rooted in the localness where I also appear on lyrics of "waterfall small lead" of the north ward Takinogawa elementary school.
Spot name A Japanese confection Hiratsuka bower TSURUOKA
Area Komagome
Street address 1-47-2, Kaminakazato, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access Than Namboku Line Nishigahara, from 3 minutes on foot and JR Kaminakazato station, 5 minutes on foot
From Nishigahara station, 282 meters
Phone +81-3-3915-0277
Business hours 9:30-18:30
Regular holiday It's regular holiday-less on Sunday.
Highlight The long-established store place of sweets in the Hiratsuka shrine approach to Shrine entrance. The store where rice boiled with red beans, a dumpling and ball-shaped steamed sweet rice wrapped in sweet red bean paste have the abundant selection at the Japanese confection shop which continues from a Taisho early stage.
I appear as the store where "Mitsuhiko Asami" often comes to Yasuo Uchida's mystery novel series work. The famous store taken up by other various media.
It's also chosen as "Tokyo mini-rice cake stuffed with bean jam, memorandum of five zero".
Such as using glutinous rice of glutinous rice (made in Sekikawa-mura, Iwafune-gun, Niigata), it's said that one Niigata KO is also particular about the material.
There is around the entrance of the Hiratsuka shrine, and rice boiled with red beans is prepared at seven five three, so it's the store it's easy to drop in at which.
Spot name Old Furukawa garden
Area Komagome(Nishigahara)
Street address 1-chome 27-39, Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Keihintohoku-sen Than Kaminakazato station, 7 minutes on foot
The JR Yamanote Line Than Komagome station, 12 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Than Nishigahara station, 7 minutes on foot
Phone +81-3-3910-0394
Business hours 9:00am-5:00pm (for entrance, until 4:30pm)
Regular holiday ・Upkeeping arranges for it and there is a closed day until 12:00pm-17:00 for each one day in December, January and February, so please be careful.
・The end of the year and the beginning of the year (until December 29-January 1 of next year)
Web site http://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/park/format/index034.html
Highlight A Western-style garden and tourist attraction in Komagome 1 where national scenic spot designation with a Japanese garden is received. The present Western house was designed by a British Josiah condor doctor (1852-1920).
Admission fee The public of 150 yen, more than 65 years old, 70 yen
(Below the schoolchild and Metropolitan area residence The junior high school student of a student is free.)
The scenic spot place it's possible to enjoy a Japanese and Western garden where. It can be appreciated by a preliminary application in the Western house.
There are various plants in a garden, and the event which can enjoy a rose and colored leaves every season is also held.
It's space with the taste which calmed down so that I think outside is the place different at all in the garden in an old Koga garden. A Japanese and Western garden can march and taste beauty which is made and is different by one point. It was possible to judge the autumnal tints of the Japanese garden as a rose in front of the Western house at the same time, and the end of November I visited in particular was quite moved. It's possible to feel a Japanese garden as well as a close Western-style garden, so a foreigner tourist thinks you can enjoy yourself. Japanese and a foreigner tourist march, and can also enjoy a garden because this is a linguistic unnecessary place and I think the friendship may also be deepened. So a Japanese tourist wants you to visit more, too!
Spot name Co., Ltd. Ogura shop Matsuya rice store
Area Komagome(Nishigahara)
Street address 1-chome 27-51, Nishigahara, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access Than JR Komagome station, 7 minutes on foot
Than Tokyo Metro Nishigahara station, 9 minutes on foot
Phone +81-3-3910-5676
Business hours
Regular holiday
Web site http://www.super-oguraya.com/
Highlight If I say Japanese food, rice. Near, Hoshi rice Meister is here from an old Furukawa garden 5, too.
The store Hoshi rice Meister needs 5. I'm relieved because there is a shop assistant by whom the English correspondence which graduated from a foreign graduate school is possible at a store. There are a lot of things a Chinese tourist visits at present, and it's said that there are a lot of things which buy organic rice and rice of miscellaneous cereals and return at the place I tend to visit near from an old Koga garden. I'm selling 1 gou, and you can polish rice at the place.
Only the favorite amount chooses favorite rice, and you can polish rice at the place (from 1 gou). It's gathered by a bag beforehand in 3 gou, how to sell it's being also done, but to increase, a person of it's chosen by itself how many kinds it's and buying rice different in the kind also recommends a variation of a gift.
The liquor I'm getting from local brand of sake a shop is got a large selection of and is also most suitable for a gift.
Spot name cocofulu café
Area Komagome(Nishigahara)
Street address Kita-ku, Tokyo Nishigahara 1-27-34
Access From Tokyo Metro Namboku Line Nishigahara station, from 6 minutes on foot
Keihintohoku-sen Kaminakazato station, from 8 minutes on foot
Yamanote Line Komagome station, from 10 minutes on foot
Kaminakazato station, 397 meters
Phone +81-3-5980-8410
Business hours 11:30-18:30 (L.O.18:00)
Sunday business
Regular holiday Thursday
Web site https://www.facebook.com/cocofulu/
Highlight I cooperated with a florist in a frost Ginza shopping area, and it was the store the atmosphere of the store may take for the exterior of the store and furnishing with the pretty design.
It's popular with local people at the fashionable cafe where it'll be here immediately on foot from an old Koga garden, too. Interior in the store was elaborate and was the atmosphere of the store which may be taken. The case that I have a meal as well as a dessert also have a lunch menu for lunch and are also possible. By the way, all menus are being made in the store. Many foreigner tourists visit (note: Around November when they collected data) time of the floral best time in an old Koga garden at present. Movement sale is being also performed, and is more relieved at English because there is a prepared shop assistant.
Commitment in a store is the case that not to make only 1 national snack, but United States, France and United Kingdom are making various national snacks. Each is voluminous and SNS would also shine out.
The most popular cake is an American apple pie.
The cake put together in the season is being also sold, so even if it's visited, how many times don't you get tired? It can also be expected of SNS shine very fashionably in the store.