title Higashi-jujo district walk
Area Higashi-jujo
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Spot name Higashi-jujo shopping area
Area Higashi-jujo
Street address 3-Chome 15-6, Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Phone -
Business hours -
Regular holiday The regular holiday-lessness
Web site http://www.higashijujo.com/
Highlight In the Higashi-jujo shopping street, shops were scattered in front of the station before the war, forming a bustle. There are still about 160 shops, and it is a shopping mall with plenty of shops. Events are also substantial, and we do many events with spring festival every year, autumn festival, summer sale in the middle summer, and year end lobby sale. Especially at the "Halloween Festival" during the autumn festival, the "Roll Cake Cut Lottery" which is the eyeball event shows more excitement, many people including distant visit.
When I retired from Higashijuujou station north entrance, there were also a lot of store where a traditional shopping area such as a fruit and vegetable store as well as a chain store and an oldclothesman can be felt from a fashionable cafe as well as good of the access by which immediateness will be to the extent I soon said a shopping area entrance. The one we visited was the weekday daytime, but it was bustling so often and I was prospering. A foreigner was happened to see a little, too, so it was felt that it was a popular place so often.
Spot name Adria Western-style cake store
Area Higashi-jujo
Street address 4-Chome 7-17, Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access Than JR Keihintohoku-sen Higashijuujou station north entrance, 4 minutes on foot
From Higashijuujou station, 357 meters
Phone +81-3-3911-5767
Business hours 10:00~19:30
Sunday business
Regular holiday Tuesday
Web site http://www.higashijujo.com/adria.html
Highlight The Western-style cake store in the Higashi-jujo shopping area to which homemade cake and bread are being sold. I can receive tea and coffee with the bread as well as the cake with the rich kind of shop windows at tearoom space.
The outward appearance of the store is the pretty atmosphere by the dressing up which is nowadays. The cake which seems good sees a shop window from outside in a store, and catches eye. The inside of store was fashionable and was interior with a quiet atmosphere. It wasn't in a picture, but the item which has the atmosphere in France had put it and was making the pretty atmosphere more outstanding.
I think that foreigner's customer comes fairly, too, but the one which is being told desperately by gesture seems to be the current state because English transcription of goods and stationing of the staff who can speak English aren't being done.
Shop window various kinds of cakes equal.The prices are also 400 yen-500 yen and the reasonable price. It's said that the popularity is shortcake of righteous government most.
I made a layer with ganache as an opera and coffee cream and had the cake I covered with chocolate. The palate is also smooth by the good sweetness exactly, if, it was very good.
The recommendation place where I thought I'd like most this time is Mr. Western-style cake store ADRIA. It's the store where I'll walk Higashi-jujo shopping area and catch attention immediately, the fashionable outward appearance and the pretty atmosphere were liked very much. The shop assistant's elder sister who received and went down was very gentle, and I had questioned fairly, but you answered all questions politely gently. A cream puff as well as a cake and bread also had the abundant menus, and it was whether it was a drink, too each other, so the one which can be ordered by its favorite set was very good. Shortcake and a chocolate cake are pistachio and peach as well as a basic, and it's a coffee cake, and you also have different kind of cake, and which shall I eat, I have wavered. The atmosphere in the store also was pretty and was just the store popular INSUTA seems conspicuous where, so they seem to become popular for young people wonderfully, too. When I'm born, a trigger of an exchange with a foreigner is even a little wonderful at this place a foreigner visits much, too.
This is a modern cake seller. It was easy to find because the outward appearance was also very beautiful and facing the main street, and I felt easy to go.
A seat had 4 seats, and could drink a cake and a drink at the inside in the inside. We had one cake, too. It was very delicate by a pistachio cake and good.They seemed to call on foreigner's guest well, too, but he wasn't here, so the person who can speak English for a shop assistant did to correspond using a gesture.For foreigner's guest, most, popularity is shortcake. When it was a lot, a tourist was talking about the one such as Asian ancestry and European ancestry.
Personal SUSUME also sells bread as well as a cake at a Western-style cake shop as a ADRIA Western-style cake store, and can have time slowly in the store because there is also for here space.
The shop assistant as well as a cake's being good is a very gentle person, too, so they're Western-style cake stores without the fact mistakes which can be spent by nice feeling.
The cake seller who introduced by a column "ADRIA" heard that many foreigners came, but I say when the foreigner who cries has come, the English menu is a gesture, and that I'm communicating. He thought maybe the English menu should be made when he thought of purpose of foreigner's customer, but even if there were no English menus only by a really gentle person, a local person in Higashi-jujo could communicate through a gesture happily casually, so I also thought when the English menu was introduced, it became reverse in service on the manual street. Town walk was done, and it was also possible to notice having many very nice stores in Higashi-jujo. I also appealed for good of the store through SNS for a foreigner tourist, and thought it was important to know a store first.
The Western-style cake and the cake shop to which you can go from Higashijujo station north entrance in about 5 minutes on foot. Foundation for 50 years was met in 2017. Prettiness had gone out to the appearance of the store by vivid yellow. When he entered in the store, a female shop assistant welcomed warmly. The pretty cake which is much in the showcase is much! Everything seems very good and the moment it was seen, I have felt like eating. The atmosphere in the store is also quiet, and it's possible to eat a cake in the store.
I ordered a cake as PISUTACHI "and" chiboust of milk chocolate of the right picture. Cream of pistachio was on a tart of milk chocolate to the top, and the mellow taste was very good. You informed me that many foreigner's customers came to ADRIA if they questioned a shop assistant. ADRIA is selling a cake of limitation every season according to the Japanese four seasons. When I ate, there was much Suites Hotel which can put on a smile! It's recommended.
Spot name Coffee MIKASA
Area Higashi-jujo
Street address 2-Chome 15-9, Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access From Higashijuujou station, 167 meters
Phone -
Business hours 7:00-19:00
Regular holiday Sunday
Highlight The outward appearance by which Akikazu has the retrospective atmosphere and the store where I can receive a morning coat set of a sandwich of a basic and coffee at a coffee shop.
The store owner was very light oppositely, and the retrospective quiet atmosphere was a fine person in Showa in a store. An elderly person spoke a customer frankly much, and you told me many stories in Higashi-jujo. It's said that the foreign person is sometimes here, too. I received coffee at this store, but it was very good.
First I'd like to visit a coffee shop of some area close adherence types from the past, and this store was chosen. The appearance is at the place it's a little difficult to find out that I'm making small and orderly and am walking from the station where. A face of about 10 minutes and access was fine on foot from Higashijuujou station.
Introspection was such feeling and all menus were Japanese. The atmosphere there are a lot of people in seventies from sixties for a guest, and which is very cozy. But the store was open by itself, and I found a little Japanese knowledge to be necessary to visit because I couldn't speak English. One guest from a foreign country had come, and the one was the state which can speak Japanese fluently by the foreigner who goes to a judo classroom around here.
The guest who doesn't know in the store seemed to be in one room, too, and Mr. shop assistant visitor spoke unrelatedly casually, and it was the very comfortable atmosphere. When I spoke to a guest in the store about wanting to attract a tourist to Kita-ku more, there were many tradition and legend in Kita-ku, and you told to want you to do area activation of that while protecting.
We ordered black tea, hot milk and coffee. You offered it to me with nice tableware.
The coffee shop where the atmosphere of the Showa is left. The counter seat a table seat makes in the store small and orderly, and where can sit down with 3 about 4 people. I was bustling with a local person. If I walk around in front of the door, local all people are an assumption from the inside, by an assumption, if, you waved your hand by a smiling face, and it was wrapped in the gentleness. "It's we, everyone was born here and grew up here." and, voice is hung, and I have chattered happily!
A person's of foreigner's customer was in the store, too. I realized that it was the good place where the traditional Japanese atmosphere can be felt for a foreigner. There are a set menu and a breakfast special menu, kind abundance. I wasn't hungry to there, so I received hot milk. The gentleness of the local person had warm hot milk while talking with grandmothers, and was biting! It was the nice store loved by the regular customer!
Spot name Sougetsu
Area Higashi-jujo
Street address 2-15-16, Higashijujo, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access From Higashijujo station south entrance, 1 minute on foot
From Higashijujo station, 221 meters
Phone +81-3-3914-7530
Business hours 9:00-19:00
Regular holiday Tuesday (There is a on season fluctuation.)
Web site http://www.sogetsu.co.jp/
Highlight ・ Pancake stuffed with bean jam which builds brown sugar up in a birthplace and is crowded "Japanese black pine" (108 yen for 1)
・ Japanese confection shop in a long-established store
・ I went out of the station and found a line immediately, and worried, so I asked.
That I went out of JR Higashijujo station, found a long queue in the place which is immediately, was interested and dropped in, "Sougetsu", make. It was possible to enter at the fact for about 30 minutes in a line in the store at last, but a line was also formed into the inside. It may be better for the person who buys a Japanese black pine to see time for for 30 minutes-about 1 hour. The cause I asked in the evening or in the store seemed very busy.
When I say Sougetsu's specialty, "Japanese black pine". The Japanese black pine is different from an ordinary pancake stuffed with bean jam, and brown sugar can build up and be in trouble in a birthplace. Fabric also was light and was the pancake stuffed with bean jam with the very good elegant sweetness lightly. The size isn't also so big, so it's an eaten attractive pancake stuffed with bean jam. 108 yen for 1 and the price are inexpensive by far the most. 10 of entering, 20 entering and bulk-buying will be also done from separate sale. In a form of small present, it's recommended to an attendant of town walk, too.
I visited to Higashi-jujo actually and asked a person in a store about talk again this time, and it was felt the area a foreigner visits very much. I thought a shopping area was the place where Akikazu can enjoy the store where access is very good from the station at the beginning from elderly's person to young people from a retrospective coffee shop to the cafe of the fashionable outward appearance much. It was possible to touch the gentleness of the people who live at Higashi-jujo above all greatly.

I went to Higashi-jujo for the first time by this investigation, because I didn't know detailed information, there was a lot of new discovery, and though it was short time, it was possible to know Higashi-jujo greatly. It was also possible to touch the gentleness of the person who lives at Higashi-jujo. I thought there were also many cases that I don't still know, so I thought I'd like to visit again by all means.

I think a shopping area also prospers, and Higashi-jujo fits a walk! The cake shop where trying out the food at various restaurants is also done and nice in a shopping area and the coffee shop where the atmosphere of the Showa can be felt in the corner. Talk replied pleasantly that a local person questioned, too, and also grew lively. You can realize once more that something good is the very good town where you can be eaten and touch the gentleness of the local person much. It was the town where it warms a heart.