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  • Our Main Missions And Commitments
  • About The Great East Japan Earthquake
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  • For Companies and Communities in Tokyo

    We work to achieve better business activities in Tokyo, using the advantages of scale that come with a member base of approx. 80,000.

    — Real Solutions for Real Issues —

    Our main missions and commitments

    1. Policy Proposals

    We foster a sound and vibrant economy

    As a primary voice of the Tokyo business community, we strive to maintain and develop a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits all companies.

    2. Business Support

    We provide support for continuous development

    By offering an array of membership services that assist SMEs activities, we are able to help member companies become stronger and more vital.

    3. Community Development

    We work to realize a more attractive Tokyo

    We assist in building bridges between companies and communities, in order to help bring about a lively society full of dynamic industries.