title It'll be satisfied with Japan at Oji filled with charm
Area Ouji
One thing There are a lot of tourist spots in the area to which you can walk. The food bought around here is eaten at a bench, how to enjoy oneself is recommended.
Spot name Sushi shop YASUKE
Area Ouji
Street address 1-5-11, Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Ouji station, 2 minutes on foot
Phone 050-5872-2908
Business hours 10:00-
Regular holiday Monday except for a national holiday
Highlight ・The atmosphere full of downtown feelings, the takeout type and the distance with the way to the store are the nearby appearance of the store. That the value by the log is also good and very close from the station eats and is also convenient.
・Stemwinding sushi of spicy fish eggs. It's filled with spicy fish eggs closely until the end, and, I eat and endure, BATCHIRI!
Stemwinding sushi is a sushi shop of the takeout type of the sale. Hand-rolled sushi and Osaka-style pressed sushi were also besides the hand rolled sushi, and it was, and a tea napkin and rice bowl dishes were being also sold. It was also possible to see a kitchen and see the form that store owners are making sushi, and it was the store full of downtown feelings. The price was also very reasonable and a local person visited much. I had stemwinding sushi of spicy fish eggs in the menu by which I have, but I thought I'd like to drop in by all means when the volume was much and the taste also visited a prince again very well.
When I requested an interview about a foreigner tourist to the store owner, you responded frankly. There were many cases that this store appears on free paper of Tokyo Metro, and it was said that the foreigner tourist who read the article often visited. When I asked what was popular with foreigner tourists, it depended on that case, but it was said that stemwinding sushi was more popular than other sushi. It was said to be stemwinding sushi and ideal for trying out the food at various restaurants, so I thought it might be popular. I might be able to hear a story by your very frank husband.
Spot name Hirasawa boiled fish paste Store in front of Ouji station
Area 王子
Street address Kishimachi, Kita-ku, Tokyo 1-1-10 NU building 1F
Access JR Ouji station Than the water park mouth, 30 seconds on foot
Phone +81-3-5924-3773
Business hours 0:00-22:00 (L.O)
※ Only in August, Sunday regular holiday
Sunday business
Regular holiday Holiday
Highlight The good fragrance of the Japanese hotchpotch is floating.
Introduction in a store: The other Japanese hotchpotch open as a standing style pub from a morning is also possible by takeout. The business hours are also run on Sunday rare around the prince again from 10:00 to 22:00. Access from a park and the station was often also bustling with a local visitor. It's because it was invited to an investigation of the charm with which I'm bustling in spite of a morning and the good fragrance of the Japanese hotchpotch as the reason that this was chosen.
I go out of the water park mouth of direct connection in a park contrary to the north entrance where a chain store lines up, and it's immediately, the good fragrance of the Japanese hotchpotch is floating from the lane which calmed down. When I arrive at a store, it's Japanese hotchpotch that it's suddenlying come into view as expected, but the impact that the name of the store is "Hirasawa boiled fish paste". We were to the extent we passed 11:30 morning when asking, but a store was bustling with a local visitor.
While 27 kinds of menu is sold at the reach of 50 yen-300 yen on this day, I also have several menus a book of Chinese meat dumplings and a curry ball aren't usually used to asking. When calling that it's popularity at the inside Japanese hotchpotch, it was said that the curry ball was also quite popular again cancer of a basic.
When I interviewed to the store, it was said that the foreign person often stopped walking, too. A European person also got the impression which penetrates right in front of the store so often in case of our interview indeed. It was said that linguistic correspondence was possible by the person who interviewed as correspondence at a store. It's said that there are a lot of forms which point and order one by one because a topping pill of Japanese hotchpotch equals the occasion a language doesn't know again like a picture.
The good fragrance of the Japanese hotchpotch floats and floods the voice and the smiling face by which a local visitor seems funny, and how about spending time when it also warms a heart with warm Japanese hotchpotch at a standing style pub where the turn is also near a park, is circled naturally and is quiet "Hirasawa boiled fish paste"?
Spot name Asukayama park
Area Ouji
Street address 1-chome 1-3, Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Keihintohoku-sen "Ouji station" central exit or south exit getting off, immediately
. Metropolitan streetcar Arakawa line "Asukayama" "in front of Ouji station" getting off, immediately
. Kita-ku community bus [K bus] Oji Komagome route [8] [20] Asukayama park getting off, immediately.
When I go out to the west side from Ouji station, right now, something like a big hill is seen. A medium sign is covered up by a tree, and isn't seen, but that's Asukayama park. That I say Asukayama, there is a difference of ups and downs a little from Ouji station, and it'll be the shape that I look down upon Ouji station from a park. I climb the stairs where it's just before the park whether you go up the slope which bends along a park on foot and put it in the inside, but it's possible to take the vehicle which also changed to others and go to a park.
This is the vehicle. Asukayama monorail and common name "ASUKARUGO". Because it's similar to a snail, it's said that the appearance was called. Difference 18m of ups and downs is tied with about two minutes. Everyone can take it for free of charge and it's said that it's popular in elderly and with children.
When I arrive at the top, an avenue develops. The one we visited was a season of colored leaves in November exactly. The autumn is also beautiful by colored leaves, but it's said that that this bustles with a tourist most is spring. A cherry tree blooms in full bloom and many flower viewing visitors visit. I wanted you to go once in spring by all means.
When I'm walking an avenue to the inside, it's a child area with playground equipment. Surprisingly, only 1 is the cherry tree tree which blooms there! It's said that they call the tree October cherry, and it's said that they bloom from as the name suggests around 10 months. I thought it was very rare.
While the vehicle used before is exhibited, it's possible to enter a child area. Children seemed idle by the inside and very popular.
When I go out of a park, a street car as a metropolitan streetcar Arakawa line (Tokyo cherry tree tram) runs there. This unusual train also feels like taking a picture unconsciously in Tokyo. The route where it still also takes people on now and is loved in localness, leaving the traditional atmosphere. I should take it once by all means.
Spot name Octopus section chief Ouji store
Area Ouji
Street address 2-Chome 1-9, Takinogawa, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access Than JR Keihintohoku-sen Ouji station, 5 minutes on foot
Than metropolitan streetcar Arakawa line Asukayama station, 30 seconds on foot
Than Tokyo municipal subway Mita line Nishisugamo station, 15 minutes on foot
Phone -
Business hours 16:00-24:00 (weekend holiday 12:00-24:00)
Regular holiday Tuesday (There is a on season fluctuation.)
In the location where the opposite side and in front of the intersection are conspicuous around Hongo street from Asukayama park, snugly, if, the octopus pancake seller who pauses. Every time the neighborhood is passed from before, it's the store about which I worried. When they went in front of the store, a father with children and a grandfather sat down on a lined chair and were waiting order. During being allured into the smell which seems good, I entered.
A good female shop assistant with an atmosphere was baking an octopus pancake at the inside. 1 octopus pancake is 8 entering, 400 yen. There was also a kind richly.
When I'll ask a shop assistant whether foreigner's guest comes, it's said that they can come well. When I ask how to correspond in the case, when I'm the shop assistant who can speak English, I answer with English and it's said that they're also preparing the English menu.
I bought and ate ginger soy sauce flavor. Combination of ginger, soy sauce and mayonnaise was fresh, was very suitable and was the taste which becomes a habit in the octopus pancake just made and soft. It's recommended to sit down on a bench in Asukayama park and eat.
Spot name Racoon dog person
Area Ouji
Street address 1-23-1, Ojihoncho, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Access JR Keihintohoku-sen "Ouji station" central exit or south exit getting off, immediately.
Phone +81-3-3908-3004
Business hours 9:00-19:00
Regular holiday Sunday
Highlight 2 kinds of racoon dog wafer cake containing bean jam
It's during the racoon dog which can taste a potbellied sumo wrestler of 2 kinds, white bean paste and jam of grain bean. When ordering, you stuff bean jam.