Spirally wired-hose switch. Illuminated spirally
wired-hose switch and etc. Special purposed vehicle.
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Mr. Hiroshi Ebato, President
May, 1992
Our president is the pioneer for
special purposed vehicle manufacturing.
Mr. Hiroshi Ebato, President
Room 1001, Akitsu Court, 5-292-4, Noshio, Kiyose-shi, Tokyo

Vehicle entry alarming system by a spirally wired-hose switch
The Yokohama construction office of the Construction Ministry's Regional Construction Bureau is finding ways to ensure safety in road maintenance works. One of the severe risks occurs in work sites where part of the road is closed temporarily is a careless entry of vehicle into the off-limits line. In joint efforts with an appliances manufacturer, a unique system was invented that issues an alarm as soon as a vehicle passes the control line. The system is made up of a sensor (spirally wired-hose switch consisting of a pair of bare wires that are embedded spirally in an elastic hose of any length) and a controller that detects electric signal and issues an alarm. The hose is laid around the control area and, when a vehicle runs over it, the switch goes on to issue an alarm.

Illuminated spirally wired-hose switch
An Electro luminescent Fiber(EFL) operating on AC power is embedded in the spirally wired-hose switch. At night, the hose serves as a spirally wired-hose switch and eye-catching illumination for unlimited variation of use.