Arakawa City Guide Book
Shop, eat, and visit places pictured
in ukiyo-e.

Famous scenic places from historic Edo still exist in Arakawa City.
Neighborhoods that enchanted our ancestors and were depicted in ukiyo-e, still delight us. Paintings of scenery in Arakawa tell you our history.
At the shops and restaurants in Arakawa you will experience impressive craftsmanship. Enjoy the culture and foods of Arakawa.

“ あらかわ ” の名所浮世絵とともに銘店を紹介する
江戸時代から伝わる名所は、” あらかわ ” にもある それは人々を魅了した そして浮世絵として描かれ、今も私たちを楽しませる “ あらかわ ” の名所を巡れば、隅田川の流れに往事を偲び
“ あらかわ ” の銘店に立ち寄れば、職人の技に心動かされる
“ あらかわ ” の文化・食をお楽しみください